01. It’s All True

Nothing will be made up
Exaggerations, lies, deception, fiction, and inaccuracies are destructive
There are no exceptions

02. It’s All True

Please see 01.

03. You’re a Brand (Sorry)

Someone once wrote an essay why she despised the idea of branding herself like a product
Little did she realize, she was branding herself as someone who disliked personal branding
You can either own it and attempt to make it work in your favor or you can ignore the fact

04. Sharing vs Not Sharing

It’s not just about what you do share, but also what you don’t
Personal branding is equally about the information you withhold
Think about your privacy, security and anonymity online

05. It Doesn’t End

This process is a 24/7/365 process
For as long as you exist online, there is work to be done
There is no finish line so prepare to approach this work with patience

06. Nothing is Solidified

Always be open to edit what you just finalized
All work is fluid so never consider something as a fine draft

07. No Forced Participation

An individual most wholeheartedly want to engage in this process
Only then will it work

08. If You Talk It, Walk It

It's not just what you say, but what you do
When you judge a book's cover, the story better be good

09. Balance Humility

Bragging and flaunting is not apart of the game
Always be conscious of where to draw the line

10. You’re the Culmination

Anything that exists or will exist is apart of the game
Every comment, post, image and piece of data counts
So consider everything

Matt KleinStep 02.