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  1. We apply digital marketing techniques of Fortune 50 brands like Google, Amazon, Budweiser & HBO

  2. We have savvy and deep understanding of modern HR

  3. We’re powered by Wozber, the AI résumé platform


"We're proud to power PRSNL using our AI, helping professionals better tell their stories and enhance their personal brands." - Tomas Slavinskas, Founder of Wozber

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DIY Kit Access

Everything you need and more to independently develop your personal branding strategy. Immediately access checklists, exercises, templates and tools to enhance your online presence today. Purchase of your DIY Kit includes a 30 minute, personal consultation call with our Founder.

Immediately receive:

• 200+ item checklist guides for your résumé, letter and LinkedIn
• Privacy setting instructions for 15+ social media platforms
• 5 exercises to help you develop your unique personal pitch
• 30 minute personal consultation to answer any questions
• Access and support to Wozber, the AI résumé building platform
• 45+ tools for your online presence and social strategy
• PRSNL's insider philosophy on personal branding
• 10 rules and 10 traits for best-in-class personal branding
• 4 uniquely designed résumé and cover letter templates
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best-practices overview
• Interview question preparation and answer guide
• Tips and tricks for networking both online and in person
• Life-time access to current and new sections as we expand
• 24/7 support with a direct line for questions

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1:1 Services

Together we'll apply effective and tailored digital marketing strategies to develop your personal brand. Based upon your unique needs, background and goals, we’ll provide personalized services and take on all the heavy lifting. Build your package. Prices vary by project and expedited requests.

What’s possible:

• Audit of current résumé and online presence
• Résumé writing, design and ATS optimization — new or update
• Cover letter writing — template or per application
• LinkedIn profile building with keyword optimization
• Personal brand story creation with unique positioning
• Personal website and SEO — landing page or complex site
• Logo, color scheme, business cards and schwag creation
• Executable social strategy for content and channels
• Ghostwriting for articles and blogs to publish on social
• Online privacy setting walkthrough per social platform
• Interviewing, networking and email strategy — or templates
• High-end strategies: social ads, chatbots, Snapchat filters, etc.
• Prioritized 24/7 support with a direct line for questions
• Access to PRSNL Branding’s DIY Kit

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5/5 Stars, Google Reviews:

"The DIY Kit had everything to help me build my online personal brand, and more importantly, feel confident about sharing it with the world. Thank you so much, Matt."

— Ryan M, Financial Services, NY

"You need to stand out today given the competition and PRSNL helps you do exactly that. My resume and LinkedIn profile are absolutely fire. Better than career services."

- Derek K, Software Development, CA

"This was a no-brainer. Work, studying and a social life is a lot to juggle... then throw in applications. PRSNL made it super easy and helped me get my job out of school. Very worth it."

— Emily P, Public Relations, TX

"I got the DIY Kit, which helped with my resume, cover letter and social media profiles. It’s all accessible online so I still go back to it here and there. It’s all there."

- Sean M, Education, NJ




"The easy part is, your personal brand already exists. It’s just whether or not you’re willing to acknowledge and attend to it. This consciousness is invaluable for your professional success."

"Personal branding helps individuals become conscious of their differences, ultimately allowing them to position themselves in a way that makes them stand out."

"Acknowledging the need in this space and a lack of legitimate solutions, a new venture, PRSNL Branding was born, applying creative digital strategies from big brands to individuals."

"How is your digital hygiene? Now is the time to begin working on this process as we're engaging in self-presentation online, 24-7-365, every single waking second, whether or not we're currently behind the keyboard. The spotlight is always on you."