02. WHY?

It's THE Future

This very second, your future boss, school, client, co-worker or date can be searching for you online. What are they seeing? Our stories are only as good as they're presented because it's not just what we say, but how we say it. Personal branding has never been more vital and influential than it is today, as opportunities are lost and gained based upon what people discover about us online. With the proliferation of digital platforms and channels today, it has become absolutely critical to take control of your online image. You're wrong to think social media is just Tweets and photos. In reality, it's every bit of data or piece of media that has ever been tied to your name, intentionally or not. We must view this almighty culmination of content with a daunting permanence. Our activity will live with us forever. So we can ignore the inevitable consequences, or we can begin to control our identity before its too late.


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