Boutique, full-service agency for professionals' online presence

The Boutique, full-service agency for professionals' online presencE



“I'm not a Businessman. I'm a business, man.” — Jay Z



Stand out. Get hiried.

PRSNL creatively, professionally and strategically positions yourself across the social web, applying effective Fortune 50 digital marketing insights. We work with students and entry-level professionals, to C-suite execs and small business owners on:

Stand Out

"Today we're living in an anti-Waldo world, where you don't want to blend in and have people struggle to find you." - Tom Peters

Résumés & Cover Letters

LinkedIn Profiles

Personal Sites/Portfolios

Social Media Strategy

Online Privacy & Security

Article Ghostwriting

Search Engine Optimization

Logos & Business Cards

Interview Preparation

+ More

Others in this space offer dated strategies, cheesy empowerment and questionable algorithms to improve your "online reputation." We didn't like the smell of that, so we blend the art of modern Fortune 50 branding and science of HR.

PRSNL Branding takes intensive learnings from marketing brands like Amazon, Verizon, Budweiser and HBO, and applies these effective digital strategies to the individual. By blending advanced artificial intelligence tools and teams of professional writers, designers and developers, we're the first and only shop to provide brand-tested, tailored solutions to personally develop the best online version of you.


stories are only as good as they Are presented

MATT KLEIN, founder PRSNL branding




DIY KIT Access

Everything you need (and more) to develop your personal brand strategy on your own. Immediately access checklists, exercises, templates and tools to enhance your online presence right now. Without an expiration or subscription, take your time without hitting the bank for custom services.




Together we'll apply effective and tailored digital marketing strategies to develop your personal brand. Based upon your unique needs, background and goals, we’ll provide personalized services and take on all the heavy lifting. Build your package. Prices vary by project and expedited requests.



Today, over half of Hiring managers want to find You online

Career builder


03. WHY?

Our Purpose

Digital Footprint

"Over time, your digital profile gets so big that it has a set of consequences that we haven't even begun to consider." - Mark Cuban

Humans are curious beings. As we live more of our lives online, academic and corporate institutions are using social media and Google to screen applicants, better determining our qualifications and personality. We can now learn a lot about someone without ever meeting them thanks to what's available online.

With this reality, all professionals need to realize our likes, photos and tweets are forming digital footprints behind us, most of these permanent, which are now being reviewed. But we shouldn't hide! Statistically, nearly all US adults are active online daily. So if someone can't find you, it's a big red flag. Today, admissions and HR expect and want to find you.

Too many professionals are passed over because they're not being found or standing out, or fired because of what's been discovered about them online. PRSNL is turning these stories around and doing the heavy lifting for you. To succeed today, you need to be discoverable — and when someone finds you, they're blown the F away. We help you drop jaws in the best way.

Google Searches, interest / time


We're CEOs of our own co.’s, Me Inc.

TOM PETERS, FAther Personal BrandinG



From Our ClientS:

"The DIY Kit had everything to help me build my online personal brand, and more importantly, feel confident about sharing it with the world. Thank you so much, Matt."

— Ryan M, Financial Services, NY

"You need to stand out today given the competition and PRSNL helps you do exactly that. My resume and LinkedIn profile are absolutely fire. Better than career services."

- Derek K, Software Development, CA

"This was a no-brainer. Work, studying and a social life is a lot to juggle... then throw in applications. PRSNL made it super easy and helped me get my job out of school. Very worth it."

— Emily P, Public Relations, NY

"I got the DIY Kit, which helped with my resume, cover letter and social media profiles. It’s all accessible online so I still go back to it here and there. It’s all there."

- Sean M, Education, NJ




"The easy part is, your personal brand already exists. It’s just whether or not you’re willing to acknowledge and attend to it. This consciousness is invaluable for your professional success."

"Personal branding helps individuals become conscious of their differences, ultimately allowing them to position themselves in a way that makes them stand out."

"Acknowledging the need in this space and a lack of legitimate solutions, a new venture, PRSNL Branding was born, applying creative digital strategies from big brands to individuals."


You need to be elevating your brand all the time

Richard Plepler, CEO HBO