The idea of "branding myself" is stupid

Not really a question, but okay let’s roll with it. If you were to tweet, "Personal branding is bullshit" - you should realize that you just contributed to your personal brand as someone who hates personal branding. We’ve all got one, whether we directly acknowledge it or not. We’re not here in the business of "personal advertising." There’s a difference between "Advertising": to widely promote something, and "Branding": to develop differentiated, valuable and consistent characteristics of something. That’s us. We’re in the business of creating your story and presence. There are a thousand applicants just as qualified as you out there, so what are you doing to differentiate yourself and exude value?

What makes YOU, PRSNL Branding, Unique?

We're boutique in that we work intimately with our clients, and full-service as in we can do it all. What makes us most unique is our digital expertise and application of Fortune 50 marketing insights. Our approach is two-pronged: preventative and proactive. Prevent individuals from oversharing and getting themselves into trouble, but also make sure they’re assertively putting themselves out there to shine. And while doing this, we ensure all output is professional, creative and strategic.

What Are "effective Fortune 50 digital Strategies"?

Great question. While working with Amazon, Verizon, Budweiser and HBO, Matt, PRSNL’s Founder, began noticing strategies which were making brands increasingly humanistic. Interestingly, these modern strategies of engagement, networking, promotion, content and consistency were seemingly applicable to individuals as well. Born out of Matt’s personal experience, he now applies these modern, brand-tested strategies to PRSNL's clients, finding the same success from market differentiation and communication effectiveness.

How does your DIY Kit work?

After online checkout, you will immediately receive emailed instructions and a password for the DIY Kit. Once you receive this email, you will instantly have access to all the DIY Kit material via our site. Ready? Click here to check-out now.

How do 1-1 Services work?

After an introduction call, we will share an in-take form for you complete. This helps us get to know you and your past experience a little bit better. We will then create a statement of work agreement and get to work. Throughout, we will check in to make sure we're on the right track and you're content with the material. Think of this as a partnership, but we do all the heavy lifting. We will work entirely via phone, email or Skype screen-sharing. Depending upon the project scope, clients will have a certain number of revisions to provide feedback and edits. Anything after our allotted number will turn into a second statement of work.

Who do you work with?

Everyone! From special education teachers and psychotherapists, to fashion merchandisers and banking executives, we've work with nearly everyone. While we're headquartered in New York, NY, that doesn't stop us from working with professionals all over the world - from Switzerland to California, and everywhere in between.

What is your pricing?

This depends upon the project and your timing request. We will share that résumés or LinkedIn writing starts at $350, while personal sites begin at $700. Again, this is largely dependent upon your needs and desires. We also provide Pro Bono services under certain circumstances.

How long is your turn around?

This too depends upon the project and your timing request. For reference, résumés or LinkedIn profiles may take upwards of 14 days, while personal sites can take 30. Please note that we can provide expedited services at an additional cost. 24-48hr turn-around is possible.

How do payments work?

For our DIY Kit and 1-1 Services you may pay online via the secure checkout on our site. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. While clients must pay entirely upfront for both our DIY Kit and 1-1 Services. Depending upon the scale of large 1-1 projects (+$1,000), half may be paid upfront.

What is your refund and cancelATION policy?

Unfortunately due to the nature of this work, we cannot provide refunds on either our DIY Kit or 1-1 Services. We may accept cancelations on our 1-1 Services within 24 hours of your payment. Thanks for understanding.

Do you have customer service?

Absolutely! Contact Matt at matt@prsnlbranding.com or at +1.973.479.4635 any time. Paid clients have priority.


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