Meet Klein


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Matt Klein is a marketing strategist who has intimately consulted with brands including Google, Amazon, Humana, Verizon, Univision, HUGO Boss, Capital One, MetLife, PepsiCo, Planned Parenthood, HBO and the US Department of Defense. His insights have appeared in publications including The Atlantic, TechCrunch, Cheddar TV, and Virgin, and he was recognized as one of Omnicom’s fastest rising marketing experts.

Upon college graduation years before this though, Klein faced difficulty landing his first internship in advertising. Things radically changed after he read:

If you can't advertise yourself, what hope do you have of advertising anything else?

David Ogilvy

Taking it heart, Matt doubled down on his personal brand... creating a unique résumé, testing cover letters, developing a personal website, flourishing his LinkedIn profile, writing thought pieces and networking like crazy. When the offers came pouring in, he know he was onto something. As he realized that there wasn’t a service helping professionals like himself better pitch themselves, PRSNL Branding was established. The rest is history.

Over the years, Matt has personally worked with +100 professionals from around the world, across industries and up and down the seniorities. PRSNL has also provided pro bono work for those who served our country, are first generation college students or those previously incarcerated.

In 2019, PRSNL Branding was accepted into the prestigious Founders Institute, the world's largest pre-seed accelerator program as well as The Forbes Coaches Council, an invite-only network of the world’s most successful career coaches.

So, how will Matt help advance your career?